1.8. Selection of the relevant films by the Jury Committee


Beside selection committee, RFH had also established a Jury committee which were consist of national and international filmmakers who have watched the selected films 21& 13 inside the festival and selected the best films that was awarded in RFH, the selection of films by Jury committee was done comparatively and painstakingly in a transparent manner and they are as follow:

Out of 21 international and 13 national films, 5 trophies awarded to international and 8 trophies awarded to national.

List of Awards winners that were decided with a majority of jury committee votes which are as follow:

International films (Out of 21):

  1. Best documentary: My name is Salt, Director: Farida Pacha, India/France
  2. Best long fiction Oblivion Season, Director: Abbas Rafei, Iran
  3. Best short fiction: I say Dust, Director: DarineHotait, Lebanon/America
  4. Best animation The Fried Fish, Director: Laila Khalilzadeh, Iran
  5. Award of the Jury Ants’ Apartment, Director: Tofigh Amani, Iran

 Afghanistan films (Out of 13):

  1. Best short documentary: Loneliness, Director: SaberaRezaei
  2. Best short fiction film: In circle, Director:  MasoomaIbrahimi
  3. Best animation: Schizophrenia, Director: LajewardHaghighi
  4. Best director: Khadim Hussain Behnam, for the film: Conflict
  5. Best leading actress: Lina Alam, for the film: Qamar
  6. Best leading actress: Marina Gulbahari, for the film: Lost bag
  7. Award of the Jury for the film: Qamar, Directed by NimaLatifi
  8. Best film script: MasoudIslami and Jalal Hosseini for the film Maze

The Jury praised “Flight Mandatory”, directed by AzizullahHaidari, for its innovative notion

                 Awards Announcing with International Jury

1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Special Unuall Awards from Festival to Women Rights Activist

It’s worth mentioning that the first special trophy of International Women Film Festival-Herat has awarded to Farhad Darya the best singer of Afghanistan who has lots of songs about women.


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