support 2013

Supportres and Sponsors of the Festival

The Festival founders welcome with open arms financial and moral assistance from other organisations. All institutions dedicated to human rights, women’s rights, cinema and culture may offer their financial or moral support for the Festival, and send in their logo to be included in invitation letters and the Festival banner.

Our supporters and sponsors to this day include 42 national and international institutions and media including:

*I. National and International Media organisations*

1.      Tolo Television

2.      8 Sobh Daily

3.      Dutch persian radio Zamaneh

4.      Nai Afghanistan Supporting Open Media

5.      Zanan TV

6.      Shahrzad (Radio for Girls)

7.      Mardom Radio

8.      Asr Radio and TV

9.      Radio Mojda


*II. Festivals and Film Production entities*

10.   9th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival_ The International Association of Women in Radio and Television- India

11.   DIDOR Tajikistan International Film festival

12.   Short Film News-Asia

13.   International Women’s Film festival-Herat

14.   Afghan Film

15.   Barmak Film

16.   Daf records

17.   Women Photo Journalism center

18.   Roya Film House

19.   Abnoos


*III. Women and Human Rights organisations*

20.   International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)

21.   Armanshahr Foundationa/OPEN ASIA

22.   Tahmina Organisation

23.   Negah-e  Zan

24.   One Billion Rising- India

25.   Civil Society and Human Rights Organization

26.   Human Rights Focus Organisation

27.   Cooperation Center for Afghanistan

28.   Cooperation Peace and Development (CPD)

29.   Ertebat

30.   AHRDO

31.   Afghanistan Watch

32.   Kanoon Zanan

33.   Fair Family Law


*IV. International and national Research and Cultural Organisations*

34.    French University Paris-Diderot Center for education, documentation and research on feminist studies

35.   Fedayi Herawi Publishing House