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1.10. Producing of a documentary from the film festival

A documentary film of the International Women Film Festival has also been produced and will be submitted to the UN Women.


2.1. Conduct workshop for applicants:

Before festival a workshop about film making conducted for 6 female and 9 male who are graduated of filming faculty of arts, are working in a media company (TV/Radio) or working with film companies, to learn methods of producing documentary films, the workshop was consist of:

  • Screenwriting
  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post production
  • Practical training

Prior to the workshop the materials have been prepared for the trainees by the experienced trainers and the list of trainee prepared and they attended the training for 6 consecutive days regularly. Moreover, after the complete 6 days of training a short film has been produced by the trainees as a practical training and they developed the scripts and scenarios of the film and endorsed it by the trainers and produced it. The produced film has been displayed in the last day of international women film festival Herat.

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List of Workshop Attendances:

No Name Position
1 Sara Actor
2 FarzadSamimi Film maker and Camera Man
3 Ahmad Wahid Omidi Film Maker and Camera Man
4 FaramarzZamani Producer and Actor
5 Mahdi Mandegar Film Maker
6 Ali Shams Light Man
7 AsadAkhtari Camera Man
8 MasoomehAdell Makeup artist& writer
9 Hamid Noriyan Film Maker
10 Abdul Rasoul Rahmani Film Maker
11 Halima Karimi Actress
12 Nilofar Actress
13 Mojgansadat Film Maker
14 KhanomRasoly Actress
15 Herbod Farwash